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From Scratch Farm

We want brand reps! 

Instagram accounts with 1,000 to 10,000-ish followers.  Instagram accounts with engaged followers!

Influencers that love our brand, find joy in sharing with others, are social media pros.  Influencers that seek out products that are natural, ethical, handmade, or Texas-made.  Influencers that care about shopping small.


At the beginning of each quarter, our brand reps will receive their free products in the mail.
They will also receive a unique, exclusive coupon code to share with their followers.
Our brand reps must agree to at least one instagram story during the quarter (an unboxing, product usage video, or product placement photo).
Our brand reps must agree to at least one post during the quarter (talking about our business, our vision, our products, our events, etc).
We (@thefromscratchchick) must be tagged in posts.  You must use the #ad hashtag in posts.  We ask that our brand reps also use our #FromScratchFarm hashtag.  Other important hashtags to our brand are: #CleanProducts #CleanBeauty #NaturalSkincare
At the end of each quarter, each brand rep will receive a report of how well their posts and coupon code performed.  They will also receive a bonus for a percentage of the sales from their coupon code.

Want more info?  Visit the blog post or use our Contact Us page, to ask questions.

Ready to apply?  Please use this form!

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